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december 1-23 Williamsburg

MOR’s materialand reveals the value in your experienced clothing, with workshops, clothing and reuse experts, image makers and a holiday fair full of wonderful experienced goods. Plus, receive MOR rewards each time you repurpose, reuse or resell an item.

Your clothes are worth MOR than you think.

Earn rewards each time you buy or sell used clothes.


Join us for MOR Materialand

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

December 1-23

What’s happening

Our experts will offer advice about clothing resale, repair and care. Bring your experienced clothes for a hands-on evaluation.

Our style and photo experts will help you make the best images for clothing resale.

MOR will register your items in our distributed tech system so that you can earn rewards now and in the future, for buying, selling or fixing experienced clothes. Rewards can be exchanged for cash, or for goods at the MOR holiday market

Daily Workshops

Clothing repair

Upstyling experienced clothes

How to style and photograph your items at home for resale

How distributed tech systems will supercharge the fashion revolution


Welcome to

experienced clothing

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Vision: A world of abundance without harm.

Goal: A zero carbon fashion economy.

Method: we pay rewards each time clothes are reused or resold.

Now is the time for


fashion systems

We are Stephen P. Williams, Allison Vicenzi, and Meredith Finkelstein, sustainability nerds with a lot of fashion and technology experience. We are partners with co:collective.